Monday, 10 September 2007

Day 25 - Gy – Besançon - 40km

Panic over, I’m fine and we have done the 40 km and some serious hills with only a minor puff on my part. So it’s uphill all the way now – heading for the Jura and trying to remember that there is a bunch of history we should be taking in here before we move on. Life is tough, but the rain that hammered down all night has stopped and the sun is out.

Well I for once agree and she has passed the test with flying colours although her nose must have peeked over the burkha as it is a lovely shade of pink. Despite an underlying desire by both of us to press on we have stopped early in an anonymous industrial/commercial zone of Besançon to ensure that we do not undo the recovery that BB has made and also that we can finally reconnect with the world to upload this. There are ample modern low price hotels here and so why do we end up in a Kyriad that charges 20 Euro more than the normal rate?

As an update and reminder to anyone who is, hopefully, sponsoring us in order to support the Rotarian projects in Haiti, Madagascar and Togo-Benim, our total distance cycled to date is: 795 kms (not including all the kms accumulated while getting lost)

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