Monday, 10 September 2007

Day 9/10/11 – Montreux

I have shaved my legs and Paul has shaved his beard - off! (PP Look, I am 59 next month and hate it. Having decided to make this trip as another kick against age I am not going around with a bunch of white hair under my nose advertising my decline.)

It’s tough here, bed at midnight, after too many beers and sitting outside to listen to free concerts. Montreux is an experience no one should miss.

Back in Laon and if there is an all seeing and all hearing God, he must have been listening to my thoughts and reading my blog, because he sure as hell is making me pay for my sins. Two days of brilliant sunshine while we are using the car and then a storm to end all storms the minute we get out of it and back onto our bikes. Paul and I are holed up in a cheap and well situated hotel (a small show of mercy) on the outskirts of Laon, listening to the rain hammer down outside and wondering what clothes we should put out tomorrow.

PP Hotel details: Premier Classe, in suburban complex of hotels on the eastern edge of the ville bas of Laon. 34 Euros for a double/triple room with free WiFi. There is a wide range of hotels in Laon. Typically the cheaper are in the low town and the pricier in the medieval area. Note well that the impressive abbey and surrounding medieval town are built on a promontory which will take the wind from the sails of any human walker or biker. However, there is a contraption that looks like a potting shed on wheels that can take the strain from the station to the hotel de ville.

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