Monday, 10 September 2007

Day 52 - Camaiore to Ponte a Cappiano - 60km

Back on the road and it is tough, not so much because of the terrain but because of the heat. The problem here is that we are entirely exposed with very little relief. I notice that Paul, usually by the far the stronger, is lagging behind and what he describes as a "little puffed". Nevertheless, we make good progress on an exceptionally well-signed route (what a change from last year!) through Lucca, (no less charming and interesting for this second visit) and then over the hills and off road to Ponte de Cappiano. Ponte a Cappiano is just as good as we remember it. The hostel and the hostelier have not changed, the grass along the riverside is just as green (Lubie would have enjoyed it all over again) and the people in the pizza place remember us, our horse and of course Vasco.

Today we found ourselves working a bit against the tide. The signers wanted us to use the main roads when they were clearly too busy and too enclosed and then wanted to send us into the boonies when the side roads were quiet and allowed good progress.

The Ostel at Ponte a Cappiano is right on the old Medici bridge with great views up and down river. The facilities are basic, but fine and will cost 15 euros per head. The pizza place is some kind of of working men's club, but with a welcome for all. Don't be put off by the closed door it is about 50 metres beyond the bridge on the left side - mention the mad English with a dog and a horse!!

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