Monday, 10 September 2007

Day 30 – Lausanne – Martigny – 82km

My kind of day – no hills. We ride round the shores of Lake Geneva, through Montreux, retracing our Festival memories, and then out the other side at Noville. Hey, I could get used to this. Then we join the Rhone and pedal along its gloriously flat banks – eating up the kilometres and suffering no more than a sore rear. And so it goes on.

On the way we remember last year’s journey with the horses and pick up the paths we used then, also noting some of our mistakes. Outside Martigny we pass the track leading to the bunker where, last year, we spent a very uncomfortable night, but today the sun is shining and for once being a pilgrim is quite simply a breeze.

Well, I daren’t think what has happened to the budget, but we are in the 3 star Hotel de la Poste in Martigny tonight. I figure that a night in a tent and 140 kilometres in 2 days deserve a reward. Surprisingly the pricing cartel can’t be operating here we get a big breakfast included for only135 S.Fr.

Our AIVF maps suggest that after the lake we should have skirted the mountains to the East with what seems to be a series of climbs and descents among the vineyards. This seems great for a short excursion but unnecessary torture when we know there are wide straight and flat paths that follow the Rhone with easy access to the valley towns of Aigle and St Maurice.

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