Monday, 10 September 2007

Day 14 - St Leonard - Chalons-en-Champagne – 54km

Wake up to pouring rain – now there’s a change - and ride in pouring rain until midday when the sun decides to come out. Good progress, other than the hill climbing which I could definitely give a miss. Still, we are climbing through the champagne region and that is not easily overlooked. Hillsides filled with bubble-inducing grapes, though as usual in France every village is closed - no bars, no shops, so we have to exist on one ice-cream all day.

Chalons en Champagne itself comes as a great relief. The twin spires of Notre Dame and the Cathedral, dominating the skyline for some kilometres before we arrive and then bursting into view as we drop down to ride the last section along the canal. Tonight we are slumming it in a 4-star campsite in Chalons en Champagne. PP Lots of hotels and 3 campsites to chose from. We stayed at the Municipal for 12 Euros, however it is about 3km off the walking route.

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